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Development of a new method by using a CO2-laser heating technology, allowing us to investigate the planetary interiors.

【We will create our community's tomorrow.】
I want to engage with friendly competition with other trailblazers around me and dive into the forefront of my town to make the community interesting.

【We will create our community's tomorrow.】
Joining forces with teammates to contribute to the community while aiming for better results.

【We will create our community's tomorrow.】
Learning from the local people in rural villages and promoting the unique attractions of the area.

Visualizing state of mind as a numerical value. Research on the mental health of college students during this period of rapid change.

【Toward a world-class knowledge base】
While providing world-class knowledge, education, and culture, I want to ensure the education of young people who will support the coming era and have good morals and a deep concern for others.

How to become a successful small and medium-sized business: Exploration of ways that businesses can diffuse their management philosophies among their staff.

Clarifying the involvement of autoantibodies in the intractable disease idiopathic cerebellar ataxia.Clinical trials are underway to establish a treatment.

Stress often causes diarrhea in men and constipation in women.
Neurotransmitters in the spinal cord would be responsible for gender differences in defecation disorders.

Penetrating the cell and stopping proliferation and metastasis.
We have successfully developed innovative therapeutic drug candidates!

Special feature Gifu University's start-up culture
Fostering entrepreneurship and a start-up club
Toward an environment that promotes the growth of entrepreneurial students; efforts to match provision with external demand

Special feature Gifu University's start-up culture
Business ventures originating from GU, fostering of future entrepreneurs
GU aims to produce a stream of start-ups and entrepreneurs for sustained reinvigoration of the local economy

Research study on "Citizenship Education": The use of authentic materials (from school consolidation to manga) in pondering social issues

School of Social System Management Gifu University
Bringing innovation to management
Training personnel with practical competency

Developing a measurement technology to visualize electromagnetic waves opening up new possibilities for terahaertz waves.

Regional Adaptation Research Center, Institute for Advanced Study Gifu University:
Developing local solutions to climate change and population decline for a sustainable future.

Co-Design Research Center, Institute for Advanced Study, Gifu University:
Scientific approach to social system designs toward sustainable communities

Cut roses can bloom even more fully! We are drawing out capacities hidden within these plants to improve their value as agricultural products.

We developed a next-generation concrete that achieves improved productivity and reduced cost and will lead to extended infrastructure service life.

Computer-Simulated Experiments in Chemistry: Wider Applications and Future Research Prospects Development of New Quantum Chemistry Computational Programs

Utilization of crop yield data brings about a technological breakthrough, propels creation of platform for agricultural household support

How much do we need throughout life?
A financial spin on "The Life Planning Game": Inspiring youths to draw up a financial blueprint for their own future

Measures to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Mt. Norikura- Insights from the evaluation of social experiments and the effective utilization of survey data

Gifu University's new sake brands fermented by the university's original yeast strains isolated from natural environments in Gifu

My challenge: to become a dancer and boatwoman
Real talk about my experience in English in the Age of the Internet

University students in the Tokai region compete to exhibit excellence in entrepreneurship
Ranked 3rd in "Business Competition"
Challenges beyond my limits

Inventing the "gas-plastic elastomer," a new ionic polymer that uses carbon dioxide to promote self-healing.

Inventing a simple and low-cost method to mitigate the degradation in the power-generating performance of photovoltaic modules

Glycocalyx of lung vascular endothelium. The world's first image capture of its three-dimensional structure.

Dr. Maki developed the Minimal English Test (MET) to increase efficiency in education and research in the field of acquisition of English as a foreign language, and has published a book on the MET research.

Our aim: a new global standard. Gifu University's smart mold will change conventional manufacturing.

First in Japan to be established on university grounds! Opening a Museum of Infrastructure featuring full-sized models of bridges, etc.

【What is born at Gifu U?/The site of the latest research.】
Researching degenerative myelopathy in dogs and taking up the challenge of investigating this incurable nervous disease and developing a treatment.

【What is born at Gifu U?/The site of the latest research.】
Developing a platform system to freely modify "bacteriophages," natural predator viruses that infect bacteria.

Strong links with the Gifu Central Livestock Hygiene Service Center. Opening the first joint facility in Japan, towards the construction of a new model for saving livestock.

【For the health of tomorrow】
Anti-carcinogenic material found in invasive alien plants subject to eradication

【For the health of tomorrow】
Research on saccharides and dietary fiber pectin in foods
Ideal diet to extend our healthy life expectancy

【Gifu University At the forefront of innovations】
The key to forecast typhoon paths: Vortexes
evelopment of technologies to analyze typhoon paths

【For the health of tomorrow】
The world's first discovery of food components that can improve cholesterol metabolism

【Open the Classroom Door!】
"Gifu University Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental leaders"
We train leaders to solve the basin water environment problems that developing countries face.

【Feature /Infrastructure Innovation 】
Through a public experiment in Yaotsu Town, our goal is to construct next-generation infrastructure centered around hydrogen energy.

【Feature /Infrastructure Innovation 】
Project aids analysis of Kumamoto earthquake relief survey. Research experience leverages infrastructure readiness for disaster prevention.

【Made at Gifu University /A Cutting Edge Research Site. 】
We're developing a technology to measure volume with sound.
It lets us control crunchiness and that mouth-melting feeling!

【Made at Gifu University /A Cutting Edge Research Site. 】
Group discovers unique multicolored fluorescent organic compounds.
An entrée into new materials science.

In the field of "RNA drug discovery", where next-generation treatments lie, we've made five reagents viable for cancer and other treatments.

【Things to come out of Gifu University/The leading edge of research】
Global firsts in understanding of the "xi" cascade subatomic particle, deeply involved in the evolutionary process in stars.

【World-Class Medical Research】
Lab Inaugurates World's First University-Based Production Apparatus for Investigational New Drugs.
Makes Bold Foray Into IND Development for Inhibiting Creutzfeldt-Jakob and other Rare and Incurable Diseases.

【World-Class Medical Research】
Examining melanocytes, the governors of hair and skin color.
Work sheds light on the mechanisms of hair-graying and white-spotting.

【Door to a whole new world!】
Japanese and international students studying together to become a leader capable of actively working on a global stage.

【Things to come out of Gifu University/The leading edge of research】
My goal is to clarify the close connections of humans to animals and the natural world through research into hunting cultures.

【Ecological Manufacturing】
Venture firm player and Gifu University build strong connection, move toward commercialization.
Gifu expertise focuses on recycling carbon fiber-reinforced plastics from global waste stream.

【Ecological Manufacturing】
Commercial application to pacemakers and other healthcare devices
Reducing the power consumption of electronic devices by 90% with a newly developed integrated circuit

【The Micro-Scale World】
Major Step Forward in New Drug Development for Rheumatoid, Allergic, and Other Diseases
World's First Elaboration of 3D Structure of Interleukin-18.

【The Micro-Scale World】
From Dream to Product. Multi-Functional Fibers Retain Added Components for Long Periods.
World's First Specialty "Nano Porous Fibers" Developed.

【Cutting-edge Research from the Front Line/Born at Gifu University】
I hope to communicate information on the Earth underneath our feet via GEOLAND GIFU , Geological Map

Succeeded in recovery of exhaustible resource "phosphorus" using microbial fuel cells.

"Photovoltaic power generation" is entering an era of practical use through cooperation with industrial circles.

Reproducing the uniquely human way of seeing things in a virtual world

Developing composite materials with traditional Japanese textile technology to protect planetary probes

Developing a sustainable land management system using goats grazing

Our mission is to develop a biodiversity conservation strategy based on the in Gifu and to hand over the nature and wildlife to future generations 100 years from now

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