Gifu University
      Yanagido 1-1, Gifu, Gifu 501-1193, JAPAN
Gifu University School of Medicine
      Yanagido 1-1, Gifu, Gifu 501-1194, JAPAN
  Please replace the * with @ at E-mail address.


Center for Japanese Language and Culture
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2142
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2143
  e-mail: direcent*

Inbound and Outbound Student Affairs Office
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2137
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2143
  e-mail: direcent*

International General Affairs Office
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-3351
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2143
  e-mail: int_exch*

Faculties and Graduate Schools

Faculty of Education
  e-mail: kyoiku*

Faculty of Regional Studies
  e-mail: chiiki*

School of Medicine
  e-mail: igakubu*

Faculty of Engineering
  e-mail: kogaku*

Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences
  e-mail: nogaku*

School of Social System Management
  e-mail: keiei*

United Graduate School of Agricultural Science
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2984
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2992
  e-mail: renno*

United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences
Joint Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences

  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2987
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2992
  e-mail: jgsvs*

United Graduate School of Drug Discovery and Medical Information Sciences
  Phone: +81-(0)58-230-7602
  Fax: +81-(0)58-230-7604
  e-mail: renso*


University Library
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2184
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-3299
  e-mail: lib-soumu*

Center for General Education
  e-mail: orphess*

River Basin Research Center
  e-mail: wwwadmin*

Organization for Research and Community Development
(Virtual System Laboratory)
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2025
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2022
  e-mail: sangaku*

Life Science Research Center
(Division of Instrumental Analysis)
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293-2035
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293-2036
  e-mail: kiki*

Information and Multimedia Center
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293- 2041
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293- 2044
  e-mail: imc*

Health Administration Center
  Phone: +81-(0)58-293- 2174
  Fax: +81-(0)58-293- 2177
  e-mail: hokencen*

Medical Education Development Center
  e-mail: medc*

Career Center
  e-mail: job*

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