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Educational Research Objectives (Graduate Schools)

Graduate School of Education

 The Graduate School of Education provides educational and teaching professionals with quality skills and practical knowledge based on academic theories about education as well as applied teaching methodology research. It also aims to contribute to the development of educational culture by improving the quality of teachers and educational professionals through retraining.

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Graduate School of Regional Studies

 The goal of the Graduate School of Regional Studies is to equip students with a rich knowledge of their particular field of expertise as well as practical and creative skills in policy making with the goal of training students who can contribute to building a sustainable regional society. It also aims to train students who have a deep understanding of society and humanity and can contribute to building the foundations of a new regional community.

The Policy Studies program offers courses in a wide range of academic disciplines including economics, local government, and the natural environment while specializing in the study of a cyclical society that harmonizes with the ecosystem. The Culture Studies program offers a broad range of courses in lifestyle and society as well as humanity and culture, while offering specialized courses on how human behavior should adjust to the new human society.

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Graduate School of Medicine

 This program sets the following educational research objectives as an educational institution that abides by a designated curriculum. In addition, the program serves as a leader among regional medical institutions; deepens exchanges and mutual understanding between domestic and international medical institutions, academic institutions and research institutes; and conducts cutting-edge, ethical medical research.

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Graduate School of Engineering

Master's Program

 Each program in the Master's Program strives to train the industry's top technicians and researchers mainly through education in state-of-the-art technologies in a variety of fields. In addition, the program offers interdisciplinary and specialized common classes to equip students with both specialized knowledge and interdisciplinary high-level professional knowledge in an ideal educational environment so they can respond flexibly to the ever-changing demands of society.

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Doctoral Program

 This program strives to train creative researchers and engineers who have a wide range of skills in the development and application of technology and to offer specialized education that further deepens students' knowledge. The program also allows working students to maintain their jobs with firms and organizations and make full use of their research findings for their work depending on their research topic. It incorporates a system whereby students can have their research findings evaluated even if they reduce their time studying on campus. In addition, the program actively accepts international students in order to promote globalization.

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Graduate School of Applied Biological Sciences

 This program educates highly trained professionals who have obtained cutting-edge specialized knowledge regarding the application of the theories and technology of the biological sciences and life sciences to industry, as well as the improvement of the daily environment and the sustainable existence of the human race. The program targets students who have received undergraduate education in the theories, specialized, and practical skills that form the foundations of this study.

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United Graduate School of Agricultural Science

 The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences has a unique educational and research structure. It trains students to have high-level specialized skills and a rich, wide range of knowledge of biology-related sciences including biological production, environment, and resources, and contributes to the biological resources-related industry and the advancement of agriculture. In addition, the division responds to requests from overseas institutions that wish to train personnel in the field of agricultural livestock, and actively accepts international students who wish to obtain high-level academic knowledge and skills so they can contribute the advancement of agriculture and related industries overseas. In addition, the division's educational and research structure contributes to the development of the Chubu region in Japan and considers various factors related to agriculture and industry such as location and environment in the Chubu region.

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United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences

 This division trains highly qualified researchers who can contribute to various fields of society and conduct unique, cutting-edge research through the application of highly professional knowledge regarding veterinary medicine in the hope of contributing to the advancement of society and sciences related to veterinary medicine. In addition, the division aims to contribute to international cooperation and respond to international needs as well as to the further development of science, technology, and veterinary medicine.

United Graduate School of Drug Discovery and Medical Information Sciences

 This program conducts interdisciplinary education and research based on cutting-edge biological and life sciences under the theme of drug discovery. It strives to train personnel who possess high-level specialized skills, foresight, and flexible thinking who can contribute to the latest fields of 21st-century medical treatment, medicine, and life sciences.

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