Charter of Gifu University

Student Charter :

What does Gifu University expect of its students?

To fellow students, the few years that you spend at Gifu University will outshine any other period in your life and carry immense importance. Your student life at Gifu University will play a decisive role in your future, however, you choose to live it. As you build a foundation for scholarship and acquire sophisticated and specialized knowledge, we ask that you also strive to develop your sense of perception and sensitivity towards humanity, nature, and society. The university faculty will do its best to meet your utmost expectations, and we ask that you, in turn, put forth your greatest efforts.

1. Read books, and strive to build a solid foundation for learning.

2. Develop an appreciation for the arts, and aspire to deepen your understanding of humanity and nature.

3. Endeavor to acquire the sophisticated and specialized knowledge needed to be a professional.

4. Assemble your thoughts into clear and logical sentences, so that you can present your ideas effectively.

5. enhance proficiency in English, and develop the skills needed for mutual understanding in today's global environment.

6. Use modern technology prudently, and develop your ability to locate and discern factual information and convey information accurately to others.

7. Form healthy living habits, and develop physical stamina and vigor for long and healthy life.

Faculty Charter :

What does Gifu University ask of its faculty?

Gifu University makes efforts to embody the ideals of research and education. In accordance with the Student Charter, the greatest mission with which the university is charged is the cultivation of outstanding talent that will answer the needs of society. We believe the support of first-class research and a passion for learning are essential components of high-quality education. To this end, the faculty, as both researchers and educators, must remain conscious of the university's high standard of ethics at all times, while pursuing original research on par with the world's best

1. As faculty members of a center of education and research, teach in a manner that supports the Student Charter.

2. Cultivate competent adults who possess the depth and breadth of views and the comprehensive skills needed for sound evaluation and judgment.

3. Realize that students' education extends beyond the classroom and includes active involvement in research, daily living habits, and all that constitutes these activities.

4. As both researchers and educators, let your actions reflect a constant awareness of ethics.

5. Hold lofty goals, and aim to conduct research on par with the world's best.

6. Pursue original research with a broad perspective and view for the long-term.

7.Seek to contribute to society in your field of study.

Charter of Philanthropy :

How does Gifu University respond to the expectations and needs of society?

The image invoked by the word 'university' has traditionally been one of a lofty existence far removed from society, a so-called 'ivory tower.'However, since the move to incorporate national universities in Japan, they have become corporate entities upon which today's society places vast expectations. Universities have responded to these expectations by actively serving and contributing to society. As a regional university situated in the heart of Japan, Gifu University is expected to respond to the broad expectations and demands of the regional community in fields including education, research, industry, medicine, and culture, and contribute to the international community as well.

1. Cultivate outstanding human resources, as this is the greatest social contribution expected of the university.

2. Cooperate and collaborate with the regional community, as this is one of the foremost duties of a regional university.

3. Give encouragement to regional industry through the joint cooperation of industry, government, and educational institutions.

4. Contribute to the progress of regional education, culture, economy, and public administration through cooperation with the region's citizens and administrative authorities.

5. Work with developing and developed nations for resolution of international and social issues.

6. Contribute to the international community through collaboration with overseas educational institutes and student exchange programs.

The University Hospital is also expected to carry out its roles as a center of advanced medical treatment and development of local medical care.

Charter of Administration :

What does Gifu University require of its administration, so that it can fulfill its expectations?

Society has high expectations of the university regarding education, research, and social contributions, and it is imperative that the university responds to these expectations with the formulation and realization of midterm plans and goals. ('Midterm' is concretely defined as the current period, where Period I covers the six years from 2004 to 2009, and Period II begins in 2010.) In order to advance its original goals and to advance the university itself as an organization with a unique structure and value system, it is vital that the staff and faculty share a common awareness of the issues concerned and engage in administrative affairs of the university under the leadership of the university president. Strategizing to build and shape an individualistic university is essential. In the face of the strict economic conditions inherent to a national university, administration and management require strategic operation in order to preserve the activities of the university and advance the education, research, and social contributions that are its essential responsibilities.

Strategic Operation

1. Execute midterm plans, realize midterm goals.

2. Emphasize the importance of strategizing, and carry out administration with clear objectives under the leadership of the university president.

3. Conduct operations with a high regard for environmental issues. Concern for these issues should be reflected in university education, research, and social contributions.

4. Operate under a clear management strategy in order to surmount strict economic restraints.

5. Be diligent in the acquisition of external funding and strengthen the university's economic base.

6. Emphasize the transparency and public accessibility of information, and conduct management that is both efficient and logical.

7. Promote the development of an outstanding faculty.

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