Educational Research Objectives (Faculties)

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education educates future teachers who will train the next generation of children seeking a rich and peaceful future. It aims to equip students with deep insight and knowledge as well as the empathy needed to contribute to the education and welfare of diverse regions, nations, and the whole world. It also aims to provide students with the professional skills and knowledge needed for acquiring and critically analyzing accumulated knowledge and identifying their own issues to creatively solve problems.

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Faculty of Regional Studies

The Faculty of Regional Studies maintains and strengthens the foundations of academic disciplines from the human sciences, social sciences and natural sciences while integrating the academic disciplines in order to widely research the diversity of regional concepts in an academic and cultural way. It equips students with professional knowledge as well as sound judgment and deep insights about people and society in order to create a better regional society.

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School of Medicine

The School of Medicine equips students with both basic and high-level professional knowledge, practical skills, and attitudes that form the foundations of medicine with the goal of training highly skilled medical professionals and medical researchers who can contribute to the development of medicine locally and globally and who possess compassion and deep insight toward people, nature, and society.

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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering trains students to have wide knowledge of society, nature, culture, and other issues, as well as highly developed sensibilities, wholesomeness, and a sense of ethics. The faculty also helps students to gain basic structured studies that support professional skills, and to possess diverse skills, including both professional and specialized skills that reflect each student's individuality and comprehensive skills. The faculty aims to train engineers who are rich in humanity and creativity.

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Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences is designed to train students to contribute to relevant industries in the biological and life sciences. It trains students to develop the following skills:
 a. The ability to determine the theories of biological sciences and life sciences
 b. The ability to adapt pro-actively to a changing social environment
 c. The ability to set future goals for oneself amidst a changing society
 d. The ability to make one's own comprehensive and flexible judgments based on a wide range of
experiences and perspectives as well as professional knowledge.

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School of Social System Management

The School of Social System Management offers students courses for business operations and management as basics that students can explore their studies on. With three key concepts in mind, namely "Business," "Area-Management," and "Tourism," the School advocates the importance of innovations and adaptabilities as driving force to develop human resources who are capable of:
 1. finding solutions to a wider range of issues that our society is facing, and opening up a new era with unique foresight into the future and global competence
 2. managing local businesses, governments, institutions, etc. through collaboration and individual initiatives.

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