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Applicants for entrance  全折りたたみ/全復元

A1) The application procedures, date, place and method of examination vary with the faculty/graduate school and the year. Please select a faculty or a graduate school first and contact its administrative office for details.

A2) Please refer to the web site of the faculty or graduate school. If you have further questions, please contact the administrative office of the faculty which you wish to enter.

A3) There is no faculty of Japanese Language learning at Gifu University. If you wish to improve your Japanese to prepare for admissions to Gifu University, you are requested to study at an appropriate Japanese language school in your country or Japan.

A4) In general, most classes at Gifu University are taught in Japanese. If you wish to be enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree program or a Master's Degree program, you are required to have sufficient proficiency in Japanese upon entering the University. Moreover, our administrative office staff usually makes contact in Japanese. For your comfortable daily lives, it is highly recommended to acquire adequate Japanese language ability.

A5) You are the best person to make decisions about which academic supervisor is the best match for your field of interests. Please refer to the websites of faculties or graduate schools having an academic field which you want to study, or see the information at 'To Those Who Wish to Study at Gifu University'.


Others  全折りたたみ/全復元

A1) Those who are eligible to apply for exchange students are only the students who are currently enrolled in the institutions having a student exchange agreement with Gifu University. If your home institution is one of our sister universities, you should apply for an exchange student through the international office of your home institution. Direct application from students to Gifu University is not accepted.

A2) Please refer to the information at 'Scholarship System', regarding the information on the scholarships for which you are able to apply before coming to Japan or after entering Gifu University. However, the qualifications are limited and the competition is keen. We strongly recommend you prepare sufficient amount of money upon entering the University.

A3) The average monthly cost of living (including tuition) around Gifu University located in the central part of Japan is 127,000 yen according to the '2013-2014 Student Guide to Japan' by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

A4) Incoming international students who have entered in Gifu University or prospective international students are qualified for the application.
For more information, please visit the web site at 'Housing Information.' If you have further questions, please contact the Inbound and Outbound Student Affairs Office.

A5) Firstly, you are requested to choose one of the professors or the associate professors as a prospective academic advisor whose academic research area completely or partially covers your academic interest. Please refer to the websites of faculties or graduate schools having an academic field which you want to study, or see the information at 'To Those Who Wish to Study at Gifu University'.
Then, please contact the prospective academic advisor by e-mail or mail as soon as possible. When you contact the professor or associate professor, do not forget to submit the following materials. If his/her contact information is not available, please contact the administration office of the faculty or graduate school to which the prospective instructor belongs, mentioning his/her name.

・Official form of 'Letter of Acceptance'
・A set of the same documents as those submitted to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General (Application, certified academic records of the university attended, study program to which a confirmation seal of the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General is affixed)
・A certificate of the preliminary selection issued by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General Additional documents may have to be submitted upon request of the prospective academic advisor or administration office.


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