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国際交流会館 International House complex provides accommodation for international students and international researchers for the promotion of international exchange on research and education. This complex consists of three buildings A, B and C. The four-story Building A and the five-story Building B house international students, and the two-story Building C houses international researchers.

International House Building A and B

International House Building A and B are university dormitories for international students and international research students who intend to study or conduct research at Gifu University for more than six months.

Available to Move in

April and October


Application should be sent to Faculty/Graduate School, and application deadlines will be January for moving in April and July for moving in October. Please refer to the bulletin board at each faculty/graduate offices for dormitory information including vacancy, additional acceptance, etc.


1-1 Yanagido, Gifu City, Gifu 501-1193


Lounge, room for table tennis, Japanese room, building manager room, etc. Each room is furnished with bed, desk, chair, dresser, bookshelf, refrigerator, internet connection (with charge), unit bathroom (except Building B, single accommodation had shared shower room only), toilet, and air-conditioner, etc. Each floor is equipped with washing machines, communal kitchen and dining room, vacuum cleaners, shared shower room (floors for single of Building B only), etc. Accommodation for couple and family is also furnished with all apparatuses which are provided for single accommodation, and unit bathroom, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, table, sofa, gas cooker, kitchen, etc. Free internet connection is available in the Lounge.

Room Rent

Type of Room / Number of RoomsBuilding A (monthly payment)Building B (monthly payment)
For Single 69 rooms 5,900 yen 31 rooms 4,700 yen 38 rooms
For Couple 14 rooms 11,900 yen 2 rooms 9,500 yen 12 rooms
For Family 7 rooms 14,200 yen 3 rooms 14,200 yen 4 rooms
Total 90 rooms

Common service expense, utilities and Wi-fi
4,000 yen (monthly payment)

                                   As of August, 2017

Contact : Inbound and Outbound Student Affairs Section TEL:058-293-2142

International House Building C

International House Building C provides accommodation for international researchers and others who are visiting Gifu University to engage in education or research.


1-1 Yanagido, Gifu City, Gifu 501-1193


11 single rooms (25~27m2), 4 family rooms(55m2),2 twin rooms(47m2
Amenities available in each unit include bed, desk and chair, refrigerator, TV, washing machine & dryer, microwave oven, kitchen, separate bathroom and toilet (private bathroom for a single room) and air conditioner.

Photos and Plans

 ・Single Room  ・Family Room・Twin Room  ・Gallery  ・Ground Plan



Contact:General International Affairs Office TEL:058-293-3350

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