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1. Gifu University International House Building A & B (PDF:40KB)

★Now you are available to apply for residence from April, 2017. Closed

Application period from January 20 (Fri) , 2017 to February 9 (Thu), 2017.

Application guidelines click here(PDF:390KB)

Application form click here (EXCEL:52.5KB)

☆Selection Result of International House A & B Residence for April 2017 

Selection Result click here(PDF:259KB)

★Now you are available to apply for residence from April, 2017 (Second Round). Closed

Application period from February 10 (Fri) , 2017 to March 8 (Wed), 2017 12:00 P.M.

Application guidelines click here(PDF:79.6KB)

Application form click here (EXCEL:48.5KB)

We have already informed the application results of Gifu University International House to the faculty/ graduate school staff in March 10(Fri), 2017.

☆Selection Result of Residents at International House A & B (Single Rooms) 

in October Term 2015(Second Round)   Closed

Selection result click here (PDF:37.5KB)

2. Kurono Student Dormitory (PDF:62.9KB)

3. Public Housing (PDF:28KB)

4. Private Housing (PDF:26KB)

5. Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (PDF:205KB)

6. Gifu University's Joint and Several Guarantee System (PDF:1.01MB)

【Related files download】

Housing procedures and others before you return to your country (PDF:333KB)

Housing procedures and others for those who continue to stay in Japan after graduation (PDF:69KB)

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