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Gifu University's Internationalization Policy and Vision

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November 21, 2013

1. Internationalization Policy

Gifu University: Pursuing a global agenda, contributing to local society

 As institutions advancing education and research, Japanese universities are expected to possess a wide international scope. Some of Japan's national universities have a strong scientific orientation. They are advancing research that takes a global lead within the domain of science and technology. Others have established themselves as learning centers within their local and regional communities. While elevating their international visibility, these universities are working to foster the next generations of leaders across a wide spectrum of specializations and vocations. Given these national university roles and identities, Gifu University has forged its own unique globalization policy. It is stated as follows:

 "Gifu University promotes learning based on the students own efforts. It has reinforced its education quality verification system, trains highly skilled professionals, and undertakes community-based "Teach for Communities" activities. By introducing courses on design ideas in its science and technology Master's programs and stressing liberal arts-based general education, the university strongly promotes the training of students who support innovation. Other priorities include the development of medical education that meets international standards. The university undertakes not only internationalization rooted in the local community, but also glocalization by providing the benefits of internationalization to the local community. The university promotes various policies that lead to internationalization. These include creating a multicultural international liberal arts course, organizing and expanding programs that bring Japanese and international students together, and reinforcing support for international students gaining employment opportunities."

 At the core of these Ideals and Aims is Gifu University's basic stance: "To educate and dispatch into the local and global communities people who possess wide perspectives and abundant knowledge, derived from the academics, science and technology cultivated by the university, and who will receive society's trust and confidence." This objective is what the university's globalization effort is oriented to achieving. Over recent years, a trend toward globalization has taken root in Japan as the nation's population shrinks and its society rapidly ages. Moreover, our universities are seeing a decline in the number of Japanese students going abroad and also in the number of international students coming to Japan to study. Against this backdrop, there is a greater need than ever for students to acquire wide international perspectives, in response to which Gifu University seeks to develop students who possess strong language and communication skills and a keen ability to understand other cultures.

 All the members of Gifu University's faculty and staff are working to achieve the university's internationalization objectives, while building an undergirding education and research infrastructure throughout the campus.

 From a research perspective, Gifu University has established a support system and research environment that provides buoyant global platform for educators and researchers. To our campus, Gifu University invites researchers who are or will play substantial roles on the global stage. With these objectives as the bedrock of our policy for human resource development, Gifu University promotes international cooperation and carries out concrete programs that advance interaction with local communities. The university's educational program includes curricula for Japanese students to study and learn about socioeconomic, political and cultural affairs in both Japan and other countries along with opportunities to learn foreign languages and polish their international communication skills. Programs are also offered for the Japanese students to study abroad.

Concurrently, international students are provided a curriculum especially designed for them to study and learn about similar domestic affairs in Japan. An environment is also established for them to study and live their daily lives smoothly and anxiety-free. Within this setting, the international students study together with Japanese students, and have ample opportunity to interact with people and businesses within Gifu Prefecture. After they graduate or complete their courses, our international students are expected to apply the specialized knowledge and international perspectives they acquired through their studies at Gifu University to contributing to the development of their own countries or the region of Japan centered around Gifu Prefecture.

Toward achieving its globalization policy, Gifu University has established overseas bases. Through them, we select universities and organizations in other countries with which to interact in carrying out active programs of academic exchange. With these counterparts at the core of its internationalization effort, Gifu University both advances education and research and strengthens mutual exchange across a wide spectrum of places and peoples. Most especially, the university is working to tighten its collaborative bonds with education and research institutions in emerging and developing countries.

2. Internationalization Vision

Vision of Gifu University Five Years from Now

 All the students, faculty and staff of Gifu University will fully comprehend the university's internationalization policy.

 With a systemic support system to be in place, Gifu University will be carrying out international education and research exchanges that span a wide range of countries.

 Gifu University will be actively supporting and participating in international exchange activities carried out by local and regional communities.

 By continuing to establish and maintain overseas bases, Gifu University will bolster its international exchange programs.

 Gifu University will be working in close collaboration with academic institutions overseas including emerging and developing countries.

 The students of Gifu University will receive various forms of support for studying abroad in comfortable environments.

 By enhancing their foreign language skills and cultural understanding, the students of Gifu University will acquire heightened ability to communicate within the international arena.

 The students of Gifu University will take up the challenge of studying abroad with enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose.

 With a robust support system for them at Gifu University, Gifu University international students will be studying in a comfortable, anxiety-free environment, conducive to absorbing Japan's advanced know-how and expertise.

 Gifu University international students will be using the specializations and international acumen they gained at Gifu University to contribute to development in their home countries and the region.

 After graduating or completing their courses, Gifu University international students will themselves be cooperating in carrying out Gifu University's education and research activities.

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