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The English Circle of Friends is for Japanese students, international students, faculty and administrative staff to enjoy English conversations. It is coordinated by Gifu University faculty members who have overseas experiences.

Participants can bring lunch, coffee and tea, and talk each other on a variety of themes. Let's improve practical English communication skills as well as make friends through English conversations. International student tutors are always on standby to support.

Participants not only enjoy English conversations but also listen to presentations by people who have overseas experiences, and get useful information and advices about study abroad.

2018 Schedule (Wednesday)

Time 12:10pm - 12:50pm



May 9

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)

May 23

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)
SHOW and TELL (PDF:1.96MB)

June 13

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)

June 27

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)
Learning English With Music (PDF:102KB)

July 11

Room 6 (University Hall 2F)
Two Truths and A Lie (PDF:585KB)

Oct. 17 

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)
Introduction Bingo (PDF:454KB)

Oct. 31 

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)

Nov. 21 

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)
Song About Friendship (PDF:384KB)

Dec. 12

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)
Christmas Fun & Activity / True Meaning of Christmas (PDF:283KB)

Jan. 9 

Seminar Room 404 (General Education Building 4F)
Looking Back, Looking Forward (PDF:252KB)

English Circle of Friends Flyer (Japanese only)】(PDF:730KB)

Contact:Gifu University Head Office for Glocalization

Exchange Lounge

Please click here about Exchange Lounge.

International Month

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 Gifu University designates every November an "International Month" (PDF:371KB) in order to promote the globalization of the university. In the International Month 2018, a variety of international exchange events were held as shown below.




Nov. 6

International Exchange Party Hosted
by the President

Daini Shokudo of Co-op (Dining Hall No.2)

Nov. 14

Exchange Meeting with Local Companies
(Co-sponsored by Gifu Shinkin Bank)※
・Company List (PDF:148KB)

Daini Shokudo of Co-op (Dining Hall No.2)

Nov. 21

English Circle of Friends
Song About Friendship (PDF:384KB)

404 Seminar Room, Center for Japanese
Language and Culture
(4F General Education Building)

Nov. 23

17th Japanese Language Speech Contest
for International Students in Gifu


Gifu University Auditorium

Nov. 26
- Nov. 30

World Cuisine Fair
(Co-sponsored by Co-op)

Daiichi Shokudo of Co-op (Dining Hall No.1)
Daini Shokudo of Co-op (Dining Hall No.2)

Career Development Program for International Students/Commissioned by MEXT, Aigi Career Development Consortium for International Students (PDF:614KB)

Land Jobs in Japan "Seminar hosted by Gifu Prefectural Government

To: International students looking for jobs in Japan in the future!

We offer four seminars on job-seeking in Japan which are "How to find jobs in Japan," "Basics of Business Manners and Business Japanese," "Self-Analysis:Exploring Japanese Industries and Businesses" and "International Students Sought by Companies"

We look forward to welcoming your participation in the seminars.

Application Deadline June 1 (Fri), 2018
Place to submit

Inbound and Outbound Student Affairs Office
Note:We will provide shuttle bus service between Gifu University and the seminar venues. If nesessary, please apply to us.

Max No. of participants 40 students

Please click here for details.

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