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Hisataka Moriwaki, President, Gifu University

The world today has high expectations for Japan's active contributions to the international community.

Gifu University has been improving its system to facilitate international exchanges with the belief that we could make some contributions to the world through lively academic exchanges with universities and research institutions overseas. Beginning with the signing of an exchange program agreement with Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, in 1984, Gifu University has entered into agreements on student and faculty exchanges with 44 universities in 15 countries to this day. Under these agreements, Gifu University has been accepting a number of international researchers and students and promoting deeper mutual understanding and exchange with its sister universities abroad.

Increasingly, many international students and researchers who studied at Gifu University are finding employment in Gifu Prefecture and are playing active roles in the revitalization of local communities through their involvement in local industries, businesses, and economic activities today.

Unfortunately, however, the government budget for internationalizing these educational and research activities, which is one of the key missions of universities in Japan, is not always sufficient. Gifu University is making every effort to secure the necessary budget for its international activities, but we find ourselves in a difficult situation due to the harsh economic conditions that persist in Japan.

I would therefore like to ask for your kind contribution to the Gifu University Fund for further promoting our international exchange programs. We pledge to make the best use of every contribution to the Fund in line with the wishes of our benefactors.

I thank you in advance for your kind support and consideration of the Gifu University Fund.

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