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The Newsletter is published semiyearly by the Gifu University Head Office for Glocalization to introduce messages from international students, journals from those studying abroad, and research reports compiled by researchers at Gifu University.

【List of Back Numbers】

Published in 2017.10  NEWSLETTER No.43(PDF:2.6MB)
Published in 2017.03  NEWSLETTER No.42(PDF:4.3MB)
Published in 2016.03  NEWSLETTER No.41(PDF:2.3MB)
Published in 2015.03  NEWSLETTER No.40(PDF:5.9MB)
Published in 2014.03  NEWSLETTER No.39(PDF:6.0MB)
Published in 2013.03  NEWSLETTER No.38(PDF:2.7MB)
Published in 2012.03  NEWSLETTER No.37(PDF:1.4MB)
Published in 2011.03  NEWSLETTER No.36(PDF:1.3MB)
Published in 2010.02  NEWSLETTER No.35(PDF:2.1MB)
Published in 2009.02  NEWSLETTER No.34(PDF:1.6MB)
Published in 2008.02  NEWSLETTER No.33(PDF:4.6MB)
Published in 2007.02  NEWSLETTER No.32(PDF:4.6MB)
Published in 2006.02  NEWSLETTER No.31(PDF:1.2MB)
Published in 2005.02  NEWSLETTER No.30(PDF:1.2MB)
Published in 2004.02  NEWSLETTER No.29(PDF:1.0MB)
Published in 2003.02  NEWSLETTER No.28(PDF:3.0MB)
Published in 2002.02  NEWSLETTER No.27(PDF:2.9MB)
Published in 2001.02  NEWSLETTER No.26(PDF:2.7MB)
Published in 2000.02  NEWSLETTER No.25(PDF:4.2MB)
Published in 1999.02  NEWSLETTER No.24(PDF:4.0MB)
Published in 1998.02  NEWSLETTER No.23(PDF:3.8MB)
Published in 1996.03  NEWSLETTER No.22(PDF:3.1MB)
Published in 1995.09  NEWSLETTER No.21(PDF:4.7MB)
Published in 1995.03  NEWSLETTER No.20(PDF:1.9MB)
Published in 1994.05  NEWSLETTER No.19(PDF:1.1MB)
Published in 1993.12  NEWSLETTER No.18(PDF:1.9MB)
Published in 1993.07  NEWSLETTER No.17(PDF:824.4KB)
Published in 1992.11  NEWSLETTER No.16(PDF:534.4KB)
Published in 1992.07  NEWSLETTER No.15(PDF:884.5KB)
Published in 1992.04  NEWSLETTER No.14(PDF:374.7MB)
Published in 1992.02  NEWSLETTER No.13(PDF:370.8KB)
Published in 1991.09  NEWSLETTER No.12(PDF:648.4KB)
Published in 1991.03  NEWSLETTER No.11(PDF:486.2KB)
Published in 1990.12  NEWSLETTER No.10(PDF:532.5KB)
Published in 1990.07  NEWSLETTER No.9(PDF:743.2KB)
Published in 1990.03  NEWSLETTER No.8(PDF:771.2KB)
Published in 1989.11  NEWSLETTER No.7(PDF:582.9KB)
Published in 1989.06  NEWSLETTER No.6(PDF:623.3KB)
Published in 1988.01  NEWSLETTER No.5(PDF:770.0KB)
Published in 1987.09  NEWSLETTER No.4(PDF:603.7KB)
Published in 1987.05  NEWSLETTER No.3(PDF:732.7KB)
Published in 1986.12  NEWSLETTER No.2(PDF:496.1KB)
Published in 1986.07  NEWSLETTER No.1(PDF:418.0KB)

Contact:General International Affairs Section, General International Affairs Office, Gifu University Head Office for Glocalization (GHOGL)

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