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Established in 2007 in conjunction with Gifu Pharmaceutical University

This unified graduate school brings together the vast and varied talents in medicine and life sciences at Gifu University with the expertise that has led to achievements in new drug discovery at Gifu Pharmaceutical University.
We strive to train researchers and technical experts who will engage in state-of-the-art medical treatment and drug development and who are able to conduct inspections and first-class research at businesses and government organizations dealing with pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food commodities. We are dedicated to analysis and development based on medical information with the theme of developing new drugs.

Themes of Research Programs

Techniques and methods relating to drug discovery:

• Basic research into the development of new drugs by means of chemical, biological, and genetic techniques (in connection to techniques for the development of new pharmaceuticals)

• Research relating to the development of diagnostic methods for modern diseases based on functional analysis from the molecular and cellular level to the level of individual organisms (safe and effective approach to drug therapy methods)

Assimilation and analysis of medical information:

• Basic research within the field of medical information, particularly the integration of bio-information which is based on patient information, and analysis hinging on command of mathematical and informational techniques

• Research concerning biological responses to pharmaceuticals and regulation of patients' conditions

Potential career Tracks

We train and nurture students who will become :

• Researchers and technical experts engaging in medical treatment, drug discovery, and post-genome research and industries

• Technical experts and leaders possessing applied skills and practical expertise for conducting inspections of pharmaceuticals and state-of-the-art medical facilities for government organizations

• Researchers and technical experts who perform inspections and safety checks for allergies and side effects of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food commodities

 Gifu Pharmaceutical University

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