Partnership Agreement with Higashishirakawamura

On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, Gifu University concluded a partnership agreement with Higashishirakawamura, Gifu Prefecture.

Over the years, Gifu University and Higashishirakawamura have developed a strong partnership, particularly in the field of medicine. Physicians from the University Hospital consistently serve in hospitals and clinics within the town. Under this new partnership, Gifu University and Higashishirakawamura will collaborate across diverse fields to create a vibrant society. We aim to deepen our relationship in a sustainable and comprehensive manner, accelerating the development of human resources equipped with strong leadership skills.

Higashishirakawamura is the 40th municipal government that Gifu University has entered into a partnership agreement with.

In a signing ceremony, Mayor IMAI Toshiro of Higashishirakawamura made the following statement: "We have to address population challenges, including declining birthrates, an aging society, and depopulation, but the point is how to mitigate these trends in the days to come. I hope that under this new partnership agreement, we strive to revitalize our town despite the population decrease. Gifu University students' unique ideas and research achievements will play a key role in this endeavor. In addition, with Gifu University's support, we aim to preserve local kabuki performances (jikabuki), ensure sufficient physician numbers in local hospitals and clinics, and boost the farming population engaged in tea production and Japanese cypress lumbering."

President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University stated, "Gifu University aims to become a top-tier regional core university in Japan. We will leverage our strengths in industry and town development, manufacturing and food production, healthcare, and human resource development. Guided by our 'glocal' motto, we eagerly look forward to contributing to society by working together with Higashishirakawamura to address multifaceted challenges confronting the town. I also value the possibility of our students studying in Higashishirakawamura to actively participate in the city's endeavors to tackle diverse challenges and further fortify our partnership, especially in the field of medicine.

As we move forward, our goal is to enhance our partnership across various domains. These include implementing measures to counter depopulation, preserving jikabuki, ensuring an adequate medical staff, and promoting local businesses. Together, we will actively engage in revitalizing the community by welcoming new residents to the town and creating a vibrant, dynamic society nestled in the richness and beauty of nature.

President Yoshida giving his speech at the signing ceremony
Signing ceremony
Mayor Imai (right) and President Yoshida
with the agreement at hand
Higashishirakawamura official mascot,
"Tsuchii (left) & Nokorin (right)"
Commemorative photo


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