Assistant Professor ABUKU Tomoaki, Faculty of Engineering, Gifu University has published a book on the combinatorial game theory

Wouldn't you like to learn some winning strategies for playing games? The book 'Kumiawase Gēmu Riron no Sekai: Sūgaku de Tokiakasu Hisshōhō' (The World of Combinatorial Game Theory: Winning Strategies with Mathematics) introduces combinatorial game theory. This theory allows us to explore mathematical structures within games that lack apparent luck elements or hidden information. Additionally, it guides us in analyzing winning strategies. While the theory is explained in the context of enjoyable and familiar games, its profound mathematical structures are truly intriguing.

The book 'Kumiawase Gēmu Riron no Sekai: Sūgaku de Tokiakasu Hisshōhō' is a specialized work on mathematics that provides an extensive explanation of combinatorial game theory. Focusing on games as its main topic, the book is both familiar and easy to read.

I hope students in junior and senior high school, university students, mathematics teachers, and mathematics enthusiasts will read the book and discover what combinatorial game theory is.

About the Book


Kumiawase Gēmu Riron no Sekai
Sūgaku de Tokiakasu Hisshōhō

  Author: ABUKU Tomoaki Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering,Gifu University,SAKAI Kou, and SUETSUGU Koki

Date of Publication: February 28, 2024

Price: 3,080 yen (tax included)

Book Dimension: A5, 254 pages

ISBN: 9784320115583

Publisher : Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd.
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