THERS Hosts Tokai Open Innovation Complex Completion Ceremony.


 The Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (THERS) has been engaging in developing an open innovation core base within the premises of Gifu University and Nagoya University, respectively. The base has three major missions: promoting exchange between industry and academia, fostering entrepreneurship, and joint research activities.
 The Tokai Open Innovation Complex Gifu Site (nicknamed 'OKB Gifu University Plaza') opened in February 2024. The Tokai Open Innovation Complex Nagoya Site opened within Higashiyama Campus of Nagoya University in Aichi Prefecture, and the completion ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 29, 2024.

 Gifu and Nagoya universities remain committed to creating the opportunities for meetings among stakeholders from private companies, business ventures and government entities. We achieve this by jointly supporting industry-academia partnerships, fostering startups, and promoting collaborative research activities through the use of our complex.
 The Tokai Open Innovation Complex Gifu Site is currently recruiting tenants for the Industry-Academic Partnership Open Laboratory, which is equipped with office and laboratory functions. We look forward to welcoming your visit to the complex.


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