AY 2023 Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders Certificate Award Ceremony

On Monday, March 25, 2024, the Academic Year 2023 Rearing Program for Basin Water Environmental Leaders (BWEL) Certificate Award Ceremony was held for two PhD students. Mr. Su Haoning and Ms. Sri Anggreini. The ceremony took place at Nagaragawa Convention Center in Gifu City.

The primary purpose of BWEL is to cultivate environmental leaders capable of addressing water-related issues from various perspectives. These leaders are expected to demonstrate strong leadership in solving water quality problems, protecting water resources, and preserving ecosystems in Asia and African countries. They will devise and implement solutions to these challenges, thereby minimizing environmental risks.

Since the program's inception in 2009, a total of 248 students have completed BWEL, and many of them are already actively serving as environmental leaders in various parts of Asia.

The ceremony was attended by the President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro and the following executive members of Gifu University:

- Vice President YAMADA Toshihiro (Chair of BWEL General Committee)

- Vice President WANG Zhigang (BWEL General Committee member)

- Professor KOYAMA Hiroyuki, Executive Director for Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL)

- Professor Li Fusheng, Director of the BWEL Promotion Office and Director of the River Basin Research Center, and

- the members of the Promotion Office

Mr. Su Haoning and Ms. Sri Anggreini received their certificates of completion from President Yoshida. President congratulated them on completing the program and said, "As BWEL graduates, I sincerely hope that you will assume a crucial leadership in the fields of river basin environment based on what you have learned and experienced at Gifu University. After graduation, please stay in touch with your supervisors and continue to engage with Gifu University."

Mr. Su expressed his gratitude to the President and stated, "I will continue my studies at Gifu University while progressing with my research work. Additionally, I intend to seek a teaching position in my home country." Ms. Sri said, "I will be working as a university teacher in my home country, but I plan to maintain a close connection with Gifu University even after my return."

Gifu University hopes that BWEL graduates will take on a leading role in the global effort to create a sustainable Earth environment.

President Yoshida handing out the certificate to Mr. Su
Commemorative photo


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