Partnership Agreement with Kawabe Town

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Gifu University concluded a partnership agreement with Kawabe Town, Gifu Prefecture.

Over the years, Gifu University and Kawabe Town have developed a strong partnership. Faculty members from Gifu University have been actively supported Kawabe Town in community development, elementary school realignment, and disaster prevention initiatives. Under this new partnership, Gifu University and Kawabe Town will collaborate across diverse fields to create a vibrant society. We aim to deepen our relationship in a sustainable and comprehensive manner, fostering the development of human resources equipped with strong leadership skills.

Kawabe Town is the 38th municipal government that GU has entered into a partnership agreement with.

In a signing ceremony, Mayor SATO Mitsuhiro of Kawabe Town made the following statement: "Gifu University and Kawabe Town have collaborated closely in community development for over 10 years. Kawabe citizens regularly attended natural disaster seminars hosted by the university. Additionally, members of the Gifu University canoe club volunteered to assist with the national boat competition held in Kawabe Town in 2023. The population of Kawabe Town fell below the 10,000 mark (9,860 residents) for the first time in 2020 and this downward trend is expected to continue in the coming years. We seek input from academia and students to address these population challenges. We look forward to visiting Gifu University to seek advice and working collaboratively with university staff and students to revitalize Kawabe Town."

President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University stated, "Gifu University aims to become a top-tier regional core university in Japan. We will leverage our strengths in industry and town development, manufacturing and food production, healthcare, and human resource development. We look forward to working with Kawabe Town to advance life sciences, conservation, development of energy, tourism, and human resources. Furthermore, I appreciate the possibility of our students studying in Kawabe Town. I sincerely hope that our partnership will continue to strengthen as we exchange ideas to address population challenges and contribute to regional revitalization."

Gifu University and Kawabe Town share the goal of establishing a safe, comfortable and dynamic community. Together, we are committed to working for depopulation challenges, by integrating elementary schools and fostering citizens' interest in disaster prevention.

Mayor Sato (left) and President Yoshida
with the agreement at hand
Meeting between the Mayor and the President


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