Gifu University Student Report Competition Awarding Ceremony AY 2023

"The Gifu University Student Report Competition Awarding Ceremony AY 2023" was held at Sky ACADEMIC CORE, Gifu University on Thursday, March 21, 2024.

The Organization for Promotion of Higher Education and Student Support (ORPHESS) at Gifu University hosts an annual awarding ceremony with the following objectives:

1. Motivate students to engage in voluntary and creative learning by recognizing reports of excellence and their authors.

2. Make these reports publicly available, offering students a valuable resource for reference in their education.

The ceremony was attended by several university staff members. ORPHESS Director-General YAMADA Toshihiro, presented the winner, Mr. FUKUMOTO Souta, with a certificate and a gift, congratulating him on his achievements. Dr. Yamada later provided comments on Mr. Fukumoto's report.

● Report Title, Name and Affiliation of the Winner

Highest Award

Report Title: 'Roles of Baseball on the Community'

Name of and Affiliation of the Winner: Mr. FUKUMOTO Souta, 2nd year student, Department of Policy Studies, the Faculty of Regional Studies

The awarded report will appear on the "ORPHESS Annual Report No. 10."

Gifu University consistently implements programs to inspire students to pursue and attain their academic objectives.

Mr. Fukumoto receiving the certificate
Dr. Yamada commenting on Mr. Fukumoto's report
Group photo


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