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Gifu University's Approaches to the Government's New Categorization of COVID-19 from May 8, 2023

The Japanese Government downgrades COVID-19 to Class 5 (level equals with a seasonal influenza) from May 8, 2023.

Gifu University's approaches to the government new policies on COVID-19.

 The Health Administration Center takes every measure to prevent infections on-and off campus by gathering necessary data and information from the members of the Gifu University. "Infection Report" by the Health Administration Center details the infection report procedures from May 8, 2023 in line with the "School Health and Safety Act."

 In accordance with the government COVID-19 policy change, Gifu University no longer seeks across-the-board infection measures on campus, but "Mask-Wearing from April 1, 2023" issued by Vice President SUGIYAMA Makoto (Evaluation, General Affairs, Public Relations and Fund) on March 27, 2023 remains effective, so please continue to wear masks at the designated areas on campus.


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