The 75th Anniversary of Gifu University

Gifu University celebrated its 75th anniversary on Saturday, June 1, 2024. A series of celebrations were held on Wednesday, June 5 at the university auditorium, with the participation of approximately 600 people, from inside and outside of campus. The events started with an orchestra performance by university students. It was followed by the 'President's Report,' awarding the titles of professor emeritus and industry-academic collaboration associate professor, commendation for students of excellence, and presentation of a 'Letter of Appreciation.'

In the 'President Report,' President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro highlighted continued enhancement efforts for the university's capabilities, promotion of R & D and technological transfer through collaboration with local companies and government organizations. He also noted the university's robust partnership with the community and active international exchanges. The president ended his report by expressing his strong determination to expedite the university's research initiatives, realizing a sustainable society and contributing to and growing together with the community as a regional academic hub.

In the 56th Gifu University Forum, held as part of the anniversary event, Mr. ATSUMI Naoki, a renowned consultant for Japanese diversity and work-life balance (WLB), delivered the keynote speech titled 'Diversity × University - University for Diverse Communities.' Mr. Atsumi emphasized the importance of advancing women's roles in society and achieving a work-life balance. He concluded his speech with the following statement: 'Companies must accept and utilize diverse human resources for their own sustainable growth.' Additionally, Mr. Atsumi discussed the necessity and predicted positive outcomes of work-style reform. His speech prompted the audience to critically evaluate their workplace and workstyle from practical perspectives.

Later, seven people appeared on stage. They included Mr. KIRINO Kouzou from the Gifu Labor Bureau, the Director/Professor of the Health Administration Center, YAMAMOTO Mayumi, Professor KOBAYASHI Koichi from the Faculty of Engineering, and four university students from the Faculty of Regional Studies and the Faculty of Education. They shared their experiences with both the people on stage and the audience, in association with the forum theme, through a 'Relay Talk & Free Discussions' format.

By attending the 75th anniversary events, the members of Gifu University reflected on the university's long history and renewed their determination to take a new step forward.

Gifu University continues to strengthen its partnership with the community, accelerate international exchanges, and utilize diverse human resources to create a sustainable society in the future. As a regional academic hub, Gifu University will grow alongside the community and advance with students, faculty members, local citizens, and our stakeholders.

For further details about the 75th anniversary events, please visit Gifu University's YouTube channel.

Time and Date: 13:15 - 16:30, Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Venue: Gifu University Auditorium (on campus)

Order of Ceremony

- Orchestra performance

- President Report

- Awarding the Title of Professor Emeritus

- Awarding the Title of Industry-Academia Collaboration Associate Professor

- Commendation for Students of Excellence

- Presentation of Letter of Appreciation

- The 56th Gifu University Forum Keynote Speech

President Report
Awarding of students by President Yoshida
Mr. Atsumi's speech
Scene of 'Relay Talk & Free Discussions


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