Partnership Agreement with Ena City

On Thursday, April 11, 2024, Gifu University concluded a partnership agreement with Ena City, Gifu Prefecture.

Over the years, Gifu University and Ena City have developed a strong partnership. Faculty members from Gifu University have actively participated in Ena City's community development initiatives, including organizing workshops on community building for local senior high school students. Under this new partnership, Gifu University and Ena City will collaborate across diverse fields to create a vibrant society. We aim to deepen our relationship in a sustainable and comprehensive manner, accelerating the development of human resources equipped with strong leadership skills.

Ena City is the 39th municipal government that Gifu University has entered into a partnership agreement with.

In a signing ceremony, Mayor KOSAKA Takane of Ena City made the following statement: "Securing human resources is crucial for addressing challenges such as an aging society and declining birthrate. Human resources are also indispensable for promoting local industries and enhancing school education. I greatly appreciate the continued support from Gifu University in establishing a new system that encourages people to return to Ena City after completing their education in different cities."

President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University stated, "Gifu University aims to become a top-tier regional core university in Japan. We will leverage our strengths in industry and town development, manufacturing and food production, healthcare, and human resource development. We eagerly anticipate contributing to the community by sharing our academic resources with local businesses for practical application and continued growth. Additionally, I value the possibility of our students studying in Ena City to actively participate in the city's efforts to develop and secure human resources. Moving forward, we aim to strengthen our partnership across various domains, including community development, tourism, and medicine.

Gifu University and Ena City maintain a collaborative effort to tackle population challenges, develop and secure human resources capable of enhancing educational quality and foster local industries. Together, we will establish a safe, comfortable and dynamic community, remaining steadfast in our commitment to accelerate regional revitalization.

Mayor Kosaka (left) and President Yoshida
Group photo


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