Government Overseas Promotional Video Highlights Exchange Between Gifu University and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG)

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, the Government of Japan released an overseas promotional video titled 'Multi-layered Connectivity to Northeast India.' This video showcases Japan's diverse activities in the northeastern regions of India, emphasizing the concept of the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific: FOIP1." A significant feature of this video is the exchange program between Gifu University and the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG, India). Gifu University stands out as the sole Japanese university that actively participates in Joint Degree Programs (JDP2) with an Indian university.

In 2023, Gifu University was chosen to participate in the program titled 'Support for Creation of Inter-University Exchanges in the Indo-Pacific Region,' sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT). Since its selection, Gifu University has proactively expanded and developed exchange initiatives with India. As a significant outcome of these efforts, the Prime Minister's Office requested that Gifu University introduce its JDP activities in their overseas promotional video.

In the video, as an example of academic and research exchange between Gifu University and the northeastern region of India, viewers will find comments from students studying in Japan and India, and the messages from the presidents of Gifu University and IITG are featured. This video is scheduled for distribution on YouTube and as a commercial on television, reaching audiences worldwide.

Gifu University remains dedicated to developing and operating attractive international education programs that contribute to the prosperity of global society and foster growth of the local communities.

"Multi-layered Connectivity to Northeast India"in English (special features of Gifu University start 70 seconds from the start)
created by the Cabinet Public Affairs Office

Raj Raagdeepさん
Mr. Raj Raagdeep studying at GU
(special research student of the Graduate School of Engineering (doctoral program)3
Mr. TAGA Yusuke at IITG
(2nd year PhD student of the International Joint Department
of Food Science and Technology between IITG and GU,
United Graduate School of Agricultural Science)
(1st year Master student of the International Joint Department
of Food Science and Technology between IITG and GU,
Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology)

1) Indo-Pacific-specific strategies of countries with similar interests in the region.

2) Joint Degree Programs (JDP) provide an opportunity for students to pursue graduate-level education while simultaneously enrolled at Gifu University (GU) and its overseas partner universities. Through JDP, students can complete their master's or PhD studies, culminating in the award of a joint diploma from both GU and the partner institution.

3) The schools and the years of the students are the ones when they were recorded.


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