Partnership Agreement with Shirakawa Town

On Thursday, March 14, 2024, Gifu University formalized a partnership agreement with Shirakawa Town, located in Gifu Prefecture.

Over the years, Gifu University and Shirakawa Town have cultivated a strong relationship through various initiatives. These include research programs conducted by Gifu University faculty members focused on housing environments, as well as efforts to enhance collaboration between the community and schools.

Under this new partnership, Gifu University and Shirakawa Town will collaborate across diverse fields to create a vibrant society. They aim to deepen their relationship in a sustainable and comprehensive manner, fostering the development of human resources equipped with strong leadership skills.

Shirakawa Town is the 37th municipal government that GU has entered into a partnership agreement with.

During the agreement signing ceremony, Mayor SAEKI Masataka of Shirakawa Town expressed, "We have been collaborating with Gifu University across diverse fields to date. The population of Shirakawa Town has been declining by approximately 200 people per year, and the aging population, coupled with fewer children, poses a serious threat to our community. I am eager to gain fresh insights from GU students regarding the promotion of Shirakawa Tea, our town's signature tea, as well as the revitalization of our lumber business. Through strong collaboration with Gifu University, I hope to encourage more young people to settle down in our town."

President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University stated, "Gifu University aims to become a top-tier regional core university in Japan. We will leverage our strengths in industry and town development, manufacturing and food production, healthcare, and human resource development. I eagerly anticipate the participation of GU students in internship and research opportunities within Shirakawa Town. Specifically, we will focus on the field of life sciences and drug discovery, utilizing the town's distinctive products as catalysts for growth. Additionally. I am committed to collaborating with the town to develop human resources capable of addressing depopulation challenges and other socioeconomic issues."

Gifu University and Shirakawa Town will continue to collaborate on community revitalization efforts. We will focus on an operating an 'Online Community' program to boost the population associated with Shirakawa Town as a countermeasure against depopulation. Furthermore, we aim to develop merchandize that can serve as a return gift for the 'Furusato-nouzei1 '(hometown tax) program.

1) This system allows taxpayers to receive deductions by donating to local municipalities, supporting regional development, and promoting local specialty products (as return gifts). If you contribute, you can receive a return gift and a deduction amount after subtracting these tax rates.

Mayor Saeki (left) and President Yoshida
with agreement at hand


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