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Change in how to report by members of Gifu University when tested positive or became close contacts of COVID-19

Gifu University adopts a new reporting system for COVID-19 infections using an input form.
If you are tested positive or become a close contact of COVID-19, please access, enter necessary information into the form by clicking "Related Links" below, and send it to Gifu University This form is accessible around the clock regardless of University's off-duty hours, weekends, or holidays.

If you are tested positive after your reporting to the University as a close contact via form, you are required to resubmit a form with new information.

If you are students and are tested positive, you are asked to contact the student affairs section of your faculty, school, etc. and your supervisors. Academic and administrative staff are asked to contact the general affairs section of the division you belong to.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.


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