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United Graduate School Commencement Ceremony for 2015

Today, we are proud to have the Commencement Ceremony of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science and the United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences for 2015. I express my sincere congratulations to those who have attained degrees, as well as to the faculty members who have guided and instructed the students towards this day. Also, as I witness and say every year, we are together with many of the students' family members today, including the spouses and children of our international students. I am particularly pleased with such scenes, as they remind us the progress in our Graduate Schools' important missions of globalization and continuing education. I would like to share special congratulations with each of the families here.

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science was established in 1991, and the United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences a year earlier, in 1990. Thereafter, we have produced many graduates, many of whom have launched careers in a broad range of fields at educational institutions, companies, and governmental agencies in Japan as well as in their home countries. In fact, their success full achievement brought a high reputation to our United Graduate School both in Japan and around the world. You are joining today with those predecessors of renowned ranks but, of cause, you are standing just on a starting line and the true measure of your success will depend upon your future contribution.

As a help toward such outreach, I recommend you to maintain or strengthen the use of networks that you have built at the United Graduate Schools. As you come up to key positions in your various careers in research, education, the private sector, or government, one of the most important issues will rely on your personal networks. Keep close in contact with the faculty members who have instructed you at the United Graduate Schools, with your labmates, classmates, seniors, and juniors, and update each other on matters of education and research. Your personal networks will help you in achieving even greater accomplishments in the future.

The Japanese universities consisting our United Graduate Schools have overseas offices and labs, which were set up for the purpose to keep these kinds of networks. Through these networks we will help you in your continued education, research, and business endeavors. I am confident that the associations establised at the United Graduate Schools in Japan will lead to great benefit for the global community by contributing to the further development of the industries, economies, and welfare in many countries and Japan as well.

I would like to also ask that you will take care of your juniors here and give them guidance whenever you can. I know that you will be extremely busy in the education, research, or professional endeavors that await you, but in order to pursue and realize even greater possibilities, it is essential that you mentor and work with the generation that follows you. I ask again that you undertake these tasks with a broad sense of  perspective.

Those are only a limited number of concens I ask you toward your future. In concluding these remarks, I wish to emphasize that you have completed courses of education for advanced professionals and advanced researchers in the true sense of the word "advanced," and today you have been conferred degrees. The knowledge and skills that you have acquired form the bases, upon which you will broaden and hone your abilities. If you aim higher, these foundations will allow you to attain lofty goals. I hope that, someday in near future, I will hear about or witness your activities somewhere on this earth, be it in Japan or overseas. Thank you for your attention today, and congratulations.

March 14, 2016

Hisataka Moriwaki
President of Gifu University

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