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New Year Greetings from the President

I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone. As the weather has been warm and mild since the end of last year, I trust that every one of you had peaceful holidays.

This year marks the end of the second Mid-Term period of our Mid-Term Objectives and Plan, and also the beginning of the third period. The results of annual evaluations of the performance for our second period have been fairly good overall, and I hope the same for the coming third period.

For the third period, we chose the category of "Type 1" in terms of the functional classification for national university corporations. We declared our university to be a "center for revitalization of Tokai district," as well as a "national and international hub that promotes education and research in fields in which we can show our strengths and distinctiveness." Our COC (Center of Community) and COC+ programs will be responsible for the former and will form the basis of Gifu University as a whole. The latter fields include research and development in life sciences and medical/veterinary sciences, environmental sciences, next-generation energy industry, next-generation engineering and manufacturing, and medical education development. Unlike conventional project-based approaches, all COC-related activities as well as research and development programs will be conducted on a university-wide basis, involving all related organizations within the university. In addition, we have many more initiatives designed to strengthen the functions of Gifu University into the third period and beyond. Although their years of completion range from 2016 to 2023, we will reorganize the master's programs in science and engineering, launch business and management education section, and form a new faculty organization system. Furthermore, we will strengthen the professional degree program for teacher education course, introduce in Faculty of Education a special admission program for students who would like to work in educational institutions in Gifu Prefecture after graduation, launch an international liberal arts course based on multicultural harmonization, start joint degree programs with partner universities overseas, and open the Gifu Prefecture Central Livestock Hygiene Service Center and the Food Science Research Center on campus. For the future of the University, therefore, much more will be expected of administrative and faculty members.

Lastly, I would like to inform you that our budgetary request proposals for FY2016 have been accepted. All divisions and items proposed to the Ministry of Finance have been granted, although assessment rates vary. Though the proposed items have different periods of time covered by the budget, ranging from 2016 to 2021, it is essential for the future of the University that we strengthen its functions, be fully prepared as an organization to make the changes above, and make the transition a seamless one.

In closing, I hope that 2016 will be a year of major progress for Gifu University, and I am looking forward to having another great year to share with all of you.

Thank you very much.

January 4, 2016

Hisataka Moriwaki

President, Gifu University

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