About Gifu University

Ideals and Aims of Gifu University


Under the motto of "Learning, Exploring, and Contributing" Gifu University is a national university strongly rooted in the local community. This is the land where the cultures of East and West Japan have come together to produce and share diverse cultural and technological assets. These traditions have been passed down to the university, and today, Gifu University continues to be a place for the gathering and exchange of people and knowledge, for the integration of systematic and advanced knowledge, and for both scholarly and humanitarian development. The university returns the products of these activities to society and sends forth talented graduates into the community. We take pride in thus contributing to advances in culture and academia and to the development of a safe and bountiful society.


1.) Our first priority is the cultivation of human resources. To this end, we conduct education replete in both quality and quantity and strive to furnish students with an affluent education and reliable and sophisticated expertise, a broad outlook and comprehensive powers of discernment, and excellent communication skills. We strive to train independent and internationally minded professionals ready to contribute to society in a variety of fields.

2.) Gifu University strives to maintain high standards of research to serve as the foundation of outstanding education. We also aspire to be a hub for advanced, original research in fields such as life science and environmental science, and to return the products of research to society.

3.) Gifu University draws on diverse academic and research capacities to tackle regional issues and help stimulate local society. We believe in having a strong presence in the community.

4.) Gifu University strives to fully utilize its rich educational and research features to promote internationalization of the university, bolster the international affluence of students and faculty members, and stimulate local society.

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