Kuramoto Yamada won the President's Award at KURA MASTER 2023

Gidai-sake of Kuramoto Yamada

"Tamakashiwa (Japanese sake which used extreme high polished rice and additional brewing alcohol)" by Kuramoto Yamada won the President's Award at KURA MASTER 2023. Kuramoto Yamada is producing "Gidai-sake" using Gifu University's original yeast.

KURA MASTER is a Japanese sake competition which started in 2017. It is a competition for people in France and is held in France. In 2023, a total of 1,090 Japanese sake brands applied for the competition. The President's Award is the highest prize in the competition.

Kuramoto Yamada is a sake brewery company run by a Gifu University graduate and his family. Since 2019, Kuramoto Yamada has been producing "Gidai-sake" and we are very excited about Kuramoto Yamada's highest award at KURA MASTER 2023.

"Gidai-sake" is using the wild yeast that GU students picked up within Gifu Prefecture and it was developed by Professor NAKAGAWA Tomoyuki of the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences and others. "Gidai-sake" bottles are sold at Gifu University Co-op. Online order is also possible through Seijinkai (general incorporated foundations) website.

Please access the related link, "Gifu University's new sake brands fermented by the university's original yeast strains isolated from natural environments in Gifu"


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