Mr. CHOSOKABE selected for "FORBES JAPAN 30 UNDER 30 2023"

President of FiberCraze Corporation (business venture certified by Gifu University), Mr. CHOSOKABE Shunya, a graduate of Gifu University, was selected for "FORBES JAPAN 30 UNDER 30 2023."

Forbes JAPAN has been hosting this event since 2018 to shed a light on young talent aged 30 and younger. Mr. Chosokabe was selected at the division of "SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY & LOCAL."

FiberCraze is a business venture created by Mr. Chosokabe when he was still a university student. The company aims to develop highly functional materials based on the 'Nano-Size Pores Opening Processing for Films and Fibers Patented Technology' developed from basic research at Gifu University (pioneered by Professor TAKENO Akiyoshi, the Faculty of Engineering). The company handles a variety of functional materials such as functional fibers in which insect repellents and moisture retention ingredients are trapped by nanoscale pores in the material, and liquid separation membranes, etc.1

FiberCraze was certified as the 7th Gifu University certified venture business in October 2021 and since then, the university has been providing strong support for their business activities.

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Comment by Mr. Chosokabe after the selection

It is a great honor for me to be selected one of top 120 people for "FORBES JAPAN 30 UNDER 30 2023." Business operations of FiberCraze started two years ago by taking full advantage of the patented technology created after more than 20-year-long basic research at Gifu University. I am so pleased to know that our efforts to produce new functional materials from Gifu were acknowledged by Forbes JAPAN, and in this respect, I truly appreciate all people concerned who continue to offer strong support for our activities.

To realize the "world's unique perforated fiber," we will continue to enhance our research and development capabilities, integrate advanced manufacturing technologies in Gifu region, and remain committed to bringing new materials into the world. Thanks to the funds we received, we can keep on expanding our business activities. We all expect to hear from you if you become interested in our business or working with us.

1)excerpt from the company website


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