Mr. Ryoichi Akamatsu attended Preliminary Competition in 2022 World Athletics Championships

Mr. Ryoichi Akamatsu, a graduate of the Graduate School of Education, Gifu University attended the Preliminary Competition (male high jump, Group B) in 2022 World Athletic Championships held in Oregon, United States. His jumps started at 2:00 am, Saturday, July 16 (Japan time).

Akamatsu entered the Main Stadium 30 minutes before the competition to make his final adjustment.

Mr. Akamatsu doing some
warm-up exercises
Mr. Akamatsu in the stadium

In the competition, Akamatsu cleared 217cm and 221cm in his first try, but failed to clear 225cm. He ranked 11th in Group B and did not get through the next qualifying round.

Akamatsu commented, "Thanks to everyone's strong support and encouragement, I finished my jumps without any incident. Thank you very much. I had a wonderful experience of performing with other top athletes in the world. I already have my mind set on advancing to the final stage in the next 2023 World Athletics Championships."

After the competition, Akamatsu was asked to take pictures together and give his autographs to local children and Japanese students studying at University of Oregon.

Mr. Akamatsu at the preliminary competition
Mr. Akamatsu giving his autograph to his fans

Assistant Professor Ryohei Hayashi who supervises Akamatsu as his special coach, made the following remarks to praise his great efforts; "I continue pursuing Gifu University's ideals of "learn," "explore" and "contribute to" high jumps with Akamatsu to win the next 2023 World Athletics Championships."

While staying in Oregon, Akamatsu introduced Gifu Prefecture and Gifu University to the students of University of Oregon and Japanese students studying at the University. They also enjoyed informal talks for some time.

The final round of male high jump was held on July 19 Japan time.

Thank you very much for your continued support for Akamatsu. Please wish him the best of luck for the 2023 World Athletic Championships.


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