Mr. Ryoichi Akamatsu at Preliminary Competition in 2022 World Athletics Championships

 Mr. Ryoichi Akamatsu, a graduate of the Graduate School of Education, Gifu University attended the preliminary competitions at "2022 World Athletics Competition (male high jump category)" from 2:10 a.m. on July 16, 2022 (Japan Time).
 Assistant Professor Ryohei Hayashi (special trainer for Mr. Akamatsu) joined him on July 13 (local time in Oregon, United States) and he reported about Mr. Akamatsu from the site of Championships.

 On July 14, Mr. Akamatsu made a final adjustment for the preliminary competitions on July 15 at Hayward Field. The Field was constructed for truck and field events and is well-maintained.

Mr. Akamatsu (right) and Assistant Professor Hayashi
at the competition venue
Mr. Akamatsu doing some warm-up exercises

 After light exercises, Mr. Akamatsu said, "I am in good shape and confirmed the conditions of the field. I do my utmost to advance to the final round."

Mr. Akamatsu (left) and Professor Hayashi after exercising
at Athlete Village


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