Assistant Professor Tomoko Okamoto, Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences appeared on TV

Assistant Professor Tomoko Okamoto, the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences appeared on TV (NHK Educational TV (NHK E))

Name of the Program

NHK E "Shikō Gacha!"

Time and Day of Broadcasting

22:00 - , Friday, July 23, 2021


Assistant Professor Tomoko Okamoto, Course of Agricultural and Environmental Science, the Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences, Gifu University

In "Shikō Gacha!," the program hosts discuss familiar topics from the viewpoints of their own expertise. On July 23, the hosts talked about breeding of insects and plants under the theme of "romance." "Why romance bothers you?" "Romance" is not something we can overlook even if we miss the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. A quarter of people in their twenties confess that romance is somewhat a nuisance. Experts in philosophy, artificial intelligence, chemical ecology and space physics as well as TV celebrity, IVAN challenged the misperception of "romance" which has taken root in the minds of younger generation in particular. Is "Romance" synonymous with "loneliness" or "sadness," or a mathematical question that no one can solve forever? Can humans no longer rely on our instinct alone for survival? (excerpt from the program website)


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