Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, Faculty of Engineering appears on TV

Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, the Faculty of Engineering appears on TV (Gifu Broadcasting System, "Gifu Chan").

Name of the Program

Gifu Chan: "Professor Takagi, parents and children learn how to prevent and mitigate natural disasters together"

Professor Takagi visits some disaster-hit areas and the facility where citizens can study natural disasters. By using easy-to-understand words and expressions, Professor Takagi highlights the importance of disaster prevention and mitigation for parents and children living in Gifu Prefecture. He also explains why it is so crucial to protect ourselves in case of emergencies.

(Three episodes will be on air in 2021-2022)

1st episode: 18:00-18:15, Thursday, July 15, 2021 "Torrential Rains and Damages"

2nd episode: Thursday, November 18, 2021 "Earthquakes and Damages"

3rd episode: Thursday, February 17, 2022 "Preparations for Natural Disasters"


Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, the Faculty of Engineering

The theme of the 1st episode is "Torrential Rains and Damages."

In July 2020, a massive flooding and a landslide took place in northern Hida region in Gifu Prefecture. Professor Takagi visits the afflicted areas and listens to accounts of disaster victims. He conveys real dangers of flood damages and the importance of day-to-day preparations. He also visits Sabou Yugakukan (located in Hanedani Dandan Park, Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture) and asks Director Takagi about the mechanisms of "sabou (erosion control)." The episode ends with preparations of necessary items for self-protection and evacuation, confirmation of safer places and shelters on hazard maps. Viewers will be informed of useful day-to-day disaster prevention measures which can be taken by individual households. (Excerpt from the program website)


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