Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, School of Social System Management appeared on TV

Professor Akiyoshi Takagi (Faculty of Engineering, School of Social System Management), appeared on TV ("Focus Gifu," Gifu Broadcasting System)

Name of Program

"Focus Gifu," Gifu Broadcasting System

Time and Date of Broadcasting

7:30pm- 7:57pm, Friday, April 23, 2021


Professor Akiyoshi Takagi (Faculty of Engineering, School of Science System Management)

In July 2020, the devastating floods hit the northern Hida region (Gifu Prefecture) hard. Gifu Prefecture carried out a survey to gather information on the status of residents' evacuation and the results were released in April. They revealed that more than 70% of residents opted not to "evacuate." Why they did not take shelter for safer places? What should be done to encourage people to evacuate to save their lives? Experts shared their views on issues/problems highlighted by the results (from the program website)


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