Senior Professor Akiyoshi Takagi appeared on TV

Senior Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, the Faculty of Engineering appeared on TV on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Name of the Program

Gifu chan: "Let's study disaster prevention and mitigation together." (there are three episodes in total)

Time and Date of Broadcasting

19:30-19:50, Wednesday, October 21, 2020 (Episode 2)


Senior Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, the Faculty of Engineering


"Let's protect ourselves from big natural disasters" (Episode 2)

In the program, Senior Professor Takagi talked about how to prevent and mitigate damages caused by natural disasters for three elementary school students. The theme of the Episode 2 was an "Earthquake." No one can tell when and where earthquakes strike. Dr. Takagi quoted the devastation caused by the Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016, and predicted Nankai megathrust earthquakes. Dr. Takagi and students studied the differences and mechanism of temblors, damage forecasts, simulation images of possible disasters which may occur in our communities, as well as necessary precautions and preparations.

As an "extracurricular activity", students visited the Neo Jishindanso (geologic fault) Observation Hall and studied the great Nobi earthquake that took place 129 years ago. They learned the gigantic energy released by the earthquake changed the land features completely. At the Gifu Prefecture Koikibosai (extensive disaster prevention) Center, students tried an earthquake simulator and experienced the same magnitude of the great Nobi earthquake and Nankai megathrust earthquakes. They later participated in a natural disaster prevention program called DIG (Disaster, Imagination and Game) designed to promote individual households' disaster preparations. Students added a variety of information on a map, layout of a building, etc. in their communities to make potential disaster areas/zones visible to everyone. Dr. Takagi and the students thought together about how they could prevent damages from big natural disasters in the future.


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