Senior Professor Akiyoshi Takagi appears on TV

Senior Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, Faculty of Engineering, appears on TV.

Name of the Program:

 "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation for Everyone"
  Gifu Broadcasting System "Gifu-chan"
  The program is made of three episodes under the theme "Protect our own lives."

Time and Date:

 7:30p.m. - 7:50p.m. Wednesday, July 22, 2020
 (Above schedule changes depending on the situations)


   Senior Professor Akiyoshi Takagi, Faculty of Engineering

The First Episode:

 "Let's protect ourselves from wind and flood damages!"

From the studio, Professor Takagi and an anchor will discuss natural disasters with three elementary students on line. The theme of the first episode is "wind and flood damages." Children learn what kinds of disasters took place, how much damage people sustained in Gifu Prefecture, and what are necessary to protect their own lives. The purpose of this program is to help students realize the importance of saving their lives in time of disasters.

The children have created their own "Disaster Evacuation Cards" to get themselves ready to take actions in great emergencies.
"Flood and Landslide Disasters Hazard Map" shows local residents areas prone to flooding and landslides in their communities. Children enter information about their home addresses and designated evacuation sites into the map. By doing so, they come to realize which areas are vulnerable to natural disaster damages in their hometowns.
Children then enter the information about the timing to evacuate themselves if their homes are at risk, the routes to evacuation facilities, and time to reach these facilities in their disaster evacuation cards. Professor Takagi will comment on the cards and offer advice to individual children.


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