President Moriwaki appeared on TV

President Hisataka Moriwaki appeared on TV (Gifu chan) on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

Name of the Program

Gifu chan "Joho kechappu (information catchup)"

Time and Date of Broadcasting

  21:55-22:00, Thursday, October 8, 2020


One Kanji Calligraphy Exhibition
 "One Kanji Calligraphy Exhibition" was held at the lobby of The Juroku Bank Ltd. main office building (Gifu City) from August 24 through September 11, 2020. One kanji character written by the ambassadors or consuls from four countries (Lithuania, Morocco, Canada and the United States) were on display. They were the strong, warmhearted massages from the ambassadors sent to the citizens of Gifu Prefecture. The exhibition was planned and organized by the members of "Gifu Goodwill Guide Network" for the promotion of international exchanges in spite of the very challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. In the program, many comments were introduced including the comments from the Governor of Gifu Prefecture Hajime Furuta, Mr. Mikio Sugiyama, Chair of the Gifu International Association (GIA), as well as visitors to the exhibition. The program highlighted the meaning of the exhibition to promote international exchanges in the very difficult times when people around the world are sharing a strong sense of isolation and disconnection by the novel coronavirus (summary from the program website)


・Hisataka Moriwaki (Chairperson, Gifu International Center, President of Gifu University)
・Mikio Sugiyama (Chair, Gifu International Association, Honorary President of Gifu Shimbun)
・Yukio Murase (Honorary Consul, Lithuania's Honorary Consulate in Gifu, President of The Juroku Bank Ltd.)
・Jitsuhiro Yamada (President, Gifu-Morocco Association, Chairperson, the Social Medical Corporation Koseikai)
・Reiko Matsukawa (President, Gifu Women's University
・Hajime Furuta (Governor of Gifu Prefecture)


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