Commercialization 'Marugame Shaka Shaka Flied Noodles' Proposed by GU Students


In the "Second Toridoll Sustainable Business Competition" held in 2022, Gifu University students from the School of Social System Management, Ms. OHASHI Mami and Ms. YOGAWA Miu (both third-year students), proposed a new type of udon noodles named, 'Marugame Shaka Shaka Flied Noodles' in hope of addressing food waste problems.

The "Toridoll Sustainable Business Competition" is organized by TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, where students propose sustainable business ideas while pursuing profits. In this competition, Gifu University students proposed a product using udon noodles that had become non-standard. Their proposal was officially recognized by the company, and a project to bring the product to life began in February 2023. The two students collaborated with Marugame Seimen1 and worked on product development through multiple prototypes, and finally resulting in the commercialization of the noodle as 'Marugame Shaka Shaka Flied Noodles' product.

The noodles come in two flavors: kinako (roasted soybean flour) and nori salt. By shaking the flavor onto the noodles, people can enjoy a consistent, delicious flavor. Priced at 240 yen (including tax), the noodles are now available at the Marugame Seimen Gifu Higashi Store in Gifu Prefecture and Marugame Seimen Saitama Sakura Store, Saitama Prefecture from Tuesday, February 27 to Monday, April 29, 2024.


About the Product

Product Name 'Marugame Shaka Shaka Flied Noodles'
Price:240 yen (including tax)
Available at StoresMarugame Seimen Gifu Higashi Store, and Marugame Seimen Saitama Sakura Store
Sales PeriodTuesday, February 27 to Monday, April 29

Ms. Yogawa (left) and Ms. Ohashi

Messages from Ms. Ohashi and Ms. Yogawa: "We designed this new product with the heartfelt desire for many people to enjoy it and to learn about the new texture and innovative way of eating udon noodles." "We worked on the product development through numerous meetings and taste tests to create new udon noodles that would be accepted by people of all ages." "We hope that 'Marugame Shaka Shaka Flied Noodles' will bring smiles to the faces of many people. " Gifu University will continue to support students' efforts to contribute to sustainable businesses and local communities, with the expectation of fostering further innovation.

1) Marugame Seimen, also known as Marugame Udon outside of Japan, is a Japanese fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in udon. The chain is operated by Toridoll Holdings Corporation based in Kobe.


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