Partnership Agreement with Ikeda Town

Gifu University concluded a partnership agreement with Ikeda Town, Gifu Prefecture on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

Gifu University and Ikeda Town have been forging a close tie for years through such activities as faculty members' attendance at meetings to discuss visions for population dynamics in Ikeda Town and involvement in accreditation of local products of the town.

Under the new partnership, Gifu University and Ikeda Town will work together in diverse fields and deepen the relationship in a sustainable and comprehensive manner for the development of human resources equipped with strong leadership skills to create a vibrant community in the future.

Ikeda Town is the 36th municipal government that GU has entered into a partnership agreement with.

During the agreement signing ceremony, Mayor OKAZAKI Kazuo of Ikeda Town expressed, "We have been collaborating with Gifu University on town development initiatives. Ikeda Town is blessed with natural beauty and is renowned for beautiful night views and popular hot spring resorts. With the signing of partnership agreement, we aim to further enhance our town's unique features and address the ongoing population decline by working closely with your esteemed institution."

President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University also remarked, "Gifu University strives to be a top-tier regional core university in Japan, leveraging our strengths in industry and town development, manufacturing and food production, healthcare, and human resource development. In Ikeda Town, there are many life science related companies. We look forward to internship and research opportunities for our students in those companies. Besides cutting-edge life science technologies and businesses in Ikeda Town, our students will learn from the town's natural beauty and tourist attractions. In addition, new insights and innovative ideas proposed by our students for town development and our new partnership will result in building a community that can attract young people and contribute to the development and prosperity of Ikeda Town."

Gifu University and Ikeda Town will continue to collaborate, focusing on measures to address population decline and measures to promote active personnel exchange for the community revitalization.

Mayor Okazaki (left) and President Yoshida
Mayor Okazaki (right) and
President Yoshida with Agreement Paper at hand


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