MEDC's 87th Medical Education Seminar & Workshop

The Medical Education Development Center (MEDC) held the '87th Medical Education Seminar & Workshop' online from Thursday, January 18 to Saturday, January 20, 2024.

First, at the 'MEDTaaalk' (webinar), six speakers were invited to engage in discussions related to their respective research themes under the title "Podcast: Exploring Whole Person Care Education at McGill University.1'

Under the guidance of Professor TAKEDA Yuko from Juntendo University (Tokyo), Associate Professor TSUCHIYA Shizuma from Showa University (Tokyo) presented on the topic of 'Introduction to McGill University's Whole Person Care (WPC) 4-Year Curriculum.' She mentioned that the aim of the curriculum is to train competent and compassionate physicians who can provide better healthcare to patients. The participants came to know the essential aspects for 'engaging with patients,' including 1) enhancing clinical attentiveness, 2) cultivating flexibility as healthcare professionals, and 3) fostering interactive skills with patients. They also realized that the novel WPC curriculum implemented by McGill University addresses medical educational issues that have not been previously explored (or were challenging to address). Dr. Tsuchiya's presentation provided the participants with insights that can potentially transform the quality of their healthcare and educational practices.

Next, Professor TSUNETO Satoru from Kyoto University (Kyoto), introduced the 'Mindfulness in Medical Practice,' which is a core component of WPC education. Alongside Dr. FUNAKOSHI Hiraku (from the Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center, Tokyo), they discussed the topic 'Attitude in Communication.' They concluded that the goal of WPC education is to train physicians who can transition from a state of 'knowing nothing' to 'knowing' and ultimately provide 'experiential' learning that they can 'put into practice.' Professor Tsuneto also emphasized the importance of non-verbal expressions and communication skills for effective treatments for patients.

Lastly, under the guidance of Professor OKAZAKI Fumiko from Niigata University (Niigata Prefecture), Associate Professor MIYOSHI Tomoko from Okayama University (Okayama Prefecture) introduced a small-group experiential learning course called 'Responding to Patients' Suffering' held at McGill University and conducted an exercise to raise awareness of the longevity of human life. Together with the participants, they reflected on the significance and challenges of this course.

MEDC will continue to work on various seminar and workshop plans, including the 'Medical Education Seminar & Workshop' held three times a year, as part of its role as a collaborative center for medical education. We remain committed to contributing to the promotion, development, and improvement of medical staff education in Japan.

The upcoming '88th MEDC's Medical Education Seminar & Workshop' is scheduled to take place from Wednesday, May 22 to Friday, May 24, along with the '25th Faculty and Administrative Staff Training.'

1) McGill University is a prestigious Canadian institution known for its excellence in research, education, and diverse academic programs.

Lecture by Dr. Tsuchiya
Lecture by Dr. Tsuchiya
Participants of the discussion
Participants of the discussion

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