Partnership Agreement with Godo Town

Gifu University concluded a partnership agreement with Godo Town, Gifu Prefecture on Monday, January 22, 2024.

GU and Godo Town have been forging a close tie for years through various activities such as GU's sending academic staff to the town to give lectures on disaster prevention and conduct evacuation drills for the residents, and accepting of GU nursing students by Godo Town.

Under the new partnership, GU and Godo Town will work together in diverse academic and business fields and deepen the relationship in a sustainable and comprehensive manner for the development of human resources equipped with strong leadership skills to create a vibrant community in the future.

Godo Town is the 35th municipal government that GU has entered into a partnership agreement with.

At the signing ceremony, Mayor FUJII Hiroyuki of Godo Town, said, "We have deepened our ties with Gifu University in disaster prevention and acceptance of nursing students. We hope we could further promote collaboration with the university to revitalize Godo Town by having faculty and students participate in workshops such as town planning, as well as conducting more advanced level of disaster prevention training and nursing practice. Through these activities of exchange, I hope we can gain a wider range of knowledge and flexible ideas from GU students."
In response, President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University made the following comment: "Gifu University is aiming to be one of the top regional core universities in Japan. The university has a strong competitive edge in industry and town planning, manufacturing, food production, medical care, and human resource development. Godo Town has many manufacturing companies, and produces specialty products such as roses and komatsuna, Japanese mustard spinach. We would like to ask for the provision of places for GU students' practical training and young researchers' learning and research activities. I hope we can work together to create a society where the next generation of young people can fully enjoy their work and life in the future."

GU and Godo Town will remain committed to addressing together the issues such as population decline and implementation of effective disaster prevention measures to attain our shared goal of regional revitalization.

Mayor Fujii (left) and President Yoshida with the agreement
paper at hand
President Yoshida (right) received a bouquet of roses from
Mayor Fujii


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