Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Donated 50 Arm-Type Robots to THERS

Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (THERS) received a donation of arm-type robots that were used for PCR testing of the new coronavirus from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. We are also expecting to receive an additional donation in fiscal 2024, totaling about 50 robots.

On Tuesday, January 23, we held a 'Robot Donation Ceremony' to express our gratitude towards the generous donation from the Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. At the ceremony, Dr. MATSUO Seiichi, Chancellor of THERS, emphasized that "We want to use these robots to contribute to the development of human resources who will lead the next generation and the realization of a sustainable society."
President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University said, "We would like to further strengthen our partnership with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd." In response, Mr. SHIMOKAWA Hiroyoshi, President of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Aerospace System Company, said "I hope we can promote collaboration between us in a wide range of business and technological fields besides the aerospace industry,"

At Gifu University, we have already attached a drill to the donated robots and are developing a machining technology that can drill holes accurately in aircraft parts, replacing expensive machine tools for cost-cutting. We will keep on using these robots for student education and contribute to the development of local community.

Chancellor Matsuo expressing his gratitude to the donation.
President Yoshida expressing his gratitude to the donation.
President Shimokawa giving his speech.
(from left) Vice President SUGIYAMA Makoto, Mr. Kameyama
from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., President Shimokawa,
Chancellor Matsuo, and President Yoshida
Experiment using the donated robot


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