Gifu Prefecture and Gifu University Partnership Promotion Meeting

On Friday, January 12, 2024, the Gifu Prefecture and Gifu University Partnership Promotion Meeting was held.

The meeting is convened on a regular basis in accordance with the partnership agreement concluded between the Gifu Prefectural Government and Gifu University. Under the agreement the government and the university work together to create a vibrant community and its continued growth, as well as the development of human resources. The Governor of Gifu Prefecture and the President of Gifu University and other members of the meeting exchanged opinions concerning each item of the agenda from cross-sectional and comprehensive points of views.

The meeting started with the speeches given by Governor FURUTA Hajime of Gifu Prefecture and President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University on support for startup activities and internationalization efforts. President Yoshida also introduced the university's ambitions to become an academic hub for the local community. After their speeches, the members shared their thoughts on a wide range of issues and developed their understanding about one another.

Gifu University continues to its efforts to become an academic base for the community and contributes to regional revitalization while strengthening our partnership with the local governments.

Scene of the meeting
Scene of the meeting
President Yoshida giving his speech
President Yoshida giving his speech


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