Sale of 'Megurun Tajimi Ticket' invented by GU students has started.

The Gifu University Organization for Promotion of Glocalization (GU-GLOCAL) is selling a ticket called a "Megurun Tajimi Ticket," which was invented by Gifu University (GU) students who are studying the "Next-Generation Regional Leader Fostering Program" jointly conducted with the Center for Collaborative Study with Community, GU.

Since April 2023, three GU students have been working hard to put their "Megurun Tajimi Ticket" into use with a view to publicizing the charms and attractions of Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture to younger generation. Through this ticket, people can visit Mino ceramic ware1 stores and cafes where Mino ware is served for customers.

Three students repeatedly visited stores and shops in Tajimi City and explored the way to make their ticket most attractive to potential customers. With strong support from the members of Tajimi DMO (Tajimi Tourist Association) and scheme verge, Inc.(technology start-up company) and others, the sale of "Megurun Tajimi Ticket" was launched.

From Friday, December 15, 2023, to Thursday, February 29, 2024, you can purchase the "Megurun Tajimi Ticket" from the app called "Horai." The ticket can be used at 22 stores and shops in Tajimi City. Some of these stores and shops are offering special privileges to people who use the "Horai" app.

When the above sale period is over, sales data will be analyzed to find tendencies of buyers, visiting destinations, and the touring routes. Analysis results will be used to revitalize Tajimi City and its strong growth in the future.

1) Mino ware (called Mino yaki in Japanese) is a type of ceramic ware that has been produced in the eastern Tono area of Gifu Prefecture for over 1,300 years. It is known for its wide variety of pottery, with over 15 types of pottery registered as traditional crafts.

Ticket information
3,000 yen for "Megurun Tajimi Ticket"
  (Mino ceramic ware tour ticket (2 tickets, 500 yen each), Café tour ticket (4 tickets, 500 yen each)
3,800 yen for "Megurun Tajimi Ticket Plus"
  ("Megurun Tajimi Ticket" plus 800 yen for a bicycle ride (regular fee: 1,000 yen)

 No need to use up all tickets in one day.
 Please access the link below for the details.

Group photo
(from left: Mr. OGUCHI Eiji (from Tajimi DMO), Ms. OSAKI Yuzuha,
Mr. SAKAI Taichi, Ms. UMAKI Karin, and Mr. SUDA Eitaro (from scheme verge, in the computer screen)


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