Award Ceremony for the "Second Gifu University Photo & Art Competition"

On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, the Award Ceremony for the "Second Gifu University Photo & Art Competition" was held with an eye to widely publicize the charms and attractions of Gifu University (GU). There were approximately 100 applications from GU students and staff members.
After a strict screening, the following seven works were awarded:

・The Highest Award:Yamatogusa-san (Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences)
・Award for Excellence:YABE Daisuke, (Graduate School of Medicine), MORIBE Junji (School of Social System Management)
・Fine Work:teto-san (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology), Kinako-san (Faculty of Reginal Studies)
・Vice President (Evaluation, General Affairs, Public Relations and Fund) Award:D-no ishi-san (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology)
・Kininaru-ki (enigmatic tree) Award:SUGIURA Takashi (Faculty of Engineering)

  (Nicknames are used for those who prefer not to be disclosed their real names.)

At the Award Ceremony, Dr. SUGIYAMA Makoto, Vice President (General Manager) (Evaluation, General Affairs, Public Relations and Fund) made a following comment; "Thank you very much for your applications. I would like to use your excellent works for GU's public relation activities including using the photos for GU campus calendar." Later, the winners were presented a letter of commendation and a gift from Dr. Sugiyama. On behalf of the winners, Yamatogusa-san (winner of the highest award) made the following comment: "I bought a high-performance camera because I love taking pictures. However, the photo I applied for the competition was taken by my iPad. Nonetheless, I am overjoyed with winning the highest award." GU continues to promote the appeal and share the fascination of GU with the public through activities like photo competitions.
 Please access the link below and view the photos.

Yamatogusa-san expressing her joy of winning
Commemorative photo


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