'Sky ACADEMIC CORE,' a new alias for the 'Academic Core

Based on the naming rights contract with Sky Corporation1), Gifu University (GU) officially announced a new alias for the Academic Core (space for student study on 1F of the University Library): 'Sky ACADEMIC CORE.'

GU introduced the naming rights business deal in 2018 to use its profits for the development and improvement of GU education and research activities. The contract with Sky Corporation is the first agreement for GU since the introduction of the naming rights business deal. The period for the use of this new alias is four years from October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2027.

On Friday, October 13, 2023, the celebration ceremony to announce the name 'Sky ACADEMIC CORE' was held and this ceremony attended by Executive Officer TERASHITA Kazunori and others from Sky Corporation, and President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro and the staff members from GU.

President Yoshida said in his speech, "I look forward to the days when Sky ACADEMIC CORE helps GU students enhance their academic skills and guides them to pave the way for their future. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to the people of Sky Corporation for their support for human resource development and creation of a better education and research environment."

Mr. Terashita expressed his strong hopes that the name of 'Sky ACADEMIC CORE' becomes familiar and draws attention from GU students and the staff members.

GU and Sky Corporation remain committed to promoting 'Sky ACADEMIC CORE' among students and the staff to further improve education and research environment on campus.

1) a software development company that is involved in the development and evaluation/verification of software that is embedded in products such as business systems, car electronics, digital multifunction devices, mobile devices, etc., as well as the development and sales of own products such as information security software

Ribbon-cutting ceremony
(from left: Professor KOKETSU Mamoru,
  Director of the Liberal Arts Education Center,
Vice President YAMADA Toshihiro, President Yoshida,
Mr. Terashita, Mr. Hashimoto, Mr. Ueda from Sky Corporation)
(from left) President Yoshida, and Mr. Terashita
University Library


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