Presentation of a Grant from International Club

President YOSHIDA Kazuhiro of Gifu University was presented a grant from the President of the General Incorporated Foundation International Club, Mr. AOYAMA Hideyo at the International Club on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

The International Club has long been a strong supporter of international students studying at Gifu University and the latest grant was presented to Gifu University for the promotion of research and education on renewable energies.

Gifu University established the Gifu Renewable Energy System Research Center in April 2018, whose purpose is to promote research and development of new energy systems to address environmental and energy issues, which are common agendas for humankind today. The Center is working to predict energy consumption in each region from the volume of renewable energy and to build an optimal energy management system through hydrogen technology and being assisted by artificial intelligence.

Mr. Aoyama expressed his hope for the great success of the Gifu Renewable Energy System Research Center as a core of regional revitalization and a core of problem-solving for the community and people. President Yoshida thanked him and said, "Gifu University continues to promote research and development in renewable energies and seek solutions to energy-related problems through partnership with local communities."

Later, the Honorable President of the International Club, Mr. AOYAMA Kaoru introduced the activities of the International Club. Friendly conversations followed for some time among the participants.

Gifu University stays committed to promoting research and education on renewable energies and working hard to tackle energy-related problems together with local communities.

President Yoshida (right) receiving the grant
Group photo
(from left at the front row)
Professor UEMATSU Yoshihiko,
 Dean of the Faculty of Engineering,
Ms. AOYAMA Rumi,
 Executive Board Member of International Club,
President Yoshida Kazuhiro, Mr. AOYAMA Kaoru,
Professor UEMIYA Shigeyuki, the Faculty of Engineering,
Mr. TUJI Kaoru,
 Director of Development Division, International Club
(from left at the second row)
Mr. TAKADA Shinya, Manager, the Faculty of Engineering,
Mr. Aoyama Hideyo, Dr. NONOMURA Shuichi, Special Advisor,
and Professor YOSHIDA Hiroki, the Faculty of Engineering

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