Mr. Akamatsu ranked 8th at BUDAPEST 2023 World Athletics Championships

Mr. AKAMATSU Ryoichi, a graduate of the Graduate School of Education, Gifu University ranked 8th in the male high jump category at BUDAPEST 2023 World Athletics Championships held in Hungary from Saturday, August 19 through Sunday, August 27, 2023.

Commemorative photo 1
(left: Mr. Akamatsu,
right: Assistant Professor HAYASHI Ryohei,
a special trainer for Mr. Akamatsu)
National Athletics Center

In the preliminary competition, Mr. Akamatsu successfully jumped from 214cm through 228cm in his first jump, and advanced to the final as one of top performers. In the final, Mr. Akamatsu successfully jumped 220cm and 225cm in his first jump, creating a record of 7th consecutive successes from the preliminary competition. He failed to jump 229cm three times, and his final ranking was 8th at BUDAPEST 2023 World Athletics Championships.

"Thank you very much for all who continue to support me. I advanced to the final and ranked 8th at BUDAPEST 2023 World Athletics Championships. However, if I had been able to keep on jumping with the same level to the final, I could have ranked much higher this time. I am determined to continue to practice to win a medal in Paris 2024 Summer Olympics next year!" said Mr. Akamatsu after the competition.

Assistant Professor Hayashi who teaches health and physical education, the Faculty of Education, and accompanied Mr. Akamatsu to Hungary also commented as follows: "I deeply appreciate to everyone concerned who are cheering for Mr. Akamatsu. Mr. Akamatsu and I have been growing together and trying hard to create something new. Now the things that each of us has been creating are being united and taking shape. We are already gearing up for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics. Under the motto, "From Gifu University to Paris!" we will do our best to live up to people's expectations."

Interior of National Athletics Center
Commemorative photo 2

Thank you very much for your strong support for Mr. Akamatsu and please wish him the best of luck for Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.


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