Faculty of Education Open Lecture 2023: "Support for Positive Actions for Children and Teachers"

On Saturday, August 5, 2023, the Faculty of Education Open Lecture 2023: "Support for Positive Actions for Children and Teachers" was held online and was attended by 223 people across the country. "School-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS)" has been put into practice in many schools today.

"School-wide PBS" is a framework of evidence-based educational practice with an eye to building social culture and ensuring support for individual children in their academic achievements and helping them acquire the necessary skills to live in society.

In the open lecture on August 5, activities of a model school for "School-wide PBS" in Yamagata City, Gifu Prefecture were presented. The following are the names of invited speakers and their speech details:

- Chairperson of Yamagata City Board of Education, Mr. HATTORI Kazuya spoke about visions for children's growth through mutual acknowledgement, and school support programs

- Former principal of a model school, Ms. OMURA Noriko spoke about school management

- Mr. TSUCHIDA Tetsuya who teaches at one of the model schools, spoke about class operations

- Ms. SUMI Yukari who also teaches at one of model schools, spoke about how to nurture mutual respect among children, and

- Mr. HAYASHI Norimasa, a member of Yamagata City Board of Education, spoke about a junior high school model for 2023.

Participants reconfirmed the importance of "School-wide PBS" for the growth of children and improvement of teaching staff. They also discussed the priorities for children and teachers, as well as how to create a society of mutual acknowledgement. The members of the board of education also agreed with their roles in publicizing the achievements of model schools and their continued contributions to the success of "School-wide PBS" in the future.

The following are some of the feedback from the participants: "We can ensure education of acknowledgement based on hard evidence." "Cooperation among schools will grow stronger," and "Sustainable activities of PBS are possible if they are endorsed by education promotion plans."

Gifu University continues to integrate evidence and practice in order to support children's active learning and mutual acknowledgement.



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